Industry Strategic Challenges

Industry Strategic Challenges

Industry Strategic Challenges

In today's unified commerce environment, retailers are inundated with massive amounts of data from multiple sources every day. Success depends on their ability to interpret and act on this data quickly and accurately. Faster is decidedly better. Companies that proactively use advanced analytics achieve better business results, such as more effective marketing and streamlined merchandising. ...Solutions from SAS* have been helping retailers speed time to value since 1976. Now, omnichannel analytics with the power and performance of next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors make it possible for retailers to run more complex analysis in even less time.

The retail landscape is continuously evolving, as is the role of digital technology in the consumer journey. Today, many purchasing decisions are made online rather than in a store. Targeting customers online with the right offer at the right time can be critical to success—particularly for retailers of longer-life products who have a limited opportunity at the end of a product's life cycle when a customer is most likely to be considering a new purchase. Companies that use analytics to proactively predict when customers will be in the market and approach them in advance significantly increase the efficiency of their marketing investment.

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