Red Hat Ceph* Storage

Red Hat Ceph* Storage

Red Hat Ceph* Storage

To manage massive data growth, organizations are increasingly choosing object storage solutions, allowing them to scale storage flexibly while controlling costs. Red Hat Ceph* Storage is a popular solution, letting organizations deploy cost-effective industry-standard hardware as a part of proven software defined storage infrastructure. With this shift, the storage media itself has become a key ...consideration. Traditional hard disk drives are affordable, but often lack the desired input/output performance for demanding workloads, such as storing large numbers of objects. Proprietary all-flash arrays offer performance, but can be cost-prohibitive for large-scale deployments. Red Hat Ceph* Storage combined with Intel® Solid State Drives Data Center Family and Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) has emerged as a compelling option.

Best Practices For An Open Source Solution

For many of today's IT specialists, "big data" isn't just another meaningless buzz phrase. It's something closer to a crisis, and it can't be wished away.

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