Our Vision of an Autonomous Future

Fewer crashes. Mobility for all. Intel is connecting today's technology to tomorrow's vision, developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as the building blocks for the future of autonomous driving (AD). Intel is architecting transportation for a better life and safe world.



Current vehicle safety technology is better than ever before. Automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning alone have had a dramatic impact on collision reduction, driven by camera-centric technology. Mobileye also offers a retrofit solution, which can provide a safety boost to cars already on the road.

But imagine having an even greater impact. With over 30 million vehicles enabled today, Mobileye is making that vision a reality. Mobileye's latest IQ technology and tri-focal camera enables more advanced ADAS systems, using Road Experience Management. These vehicles harness the power of the Mobileye crowd to build and maintain an accurate map of the environment in near real time. Mobilized camera-centric sensing, ADAS actuation capabilities, and enhanced localization from REM maps form the cutting edge technology foundation for the evolution of ADAS, and help enabled the autonomous future.

To prove this foundational approach, our AV implementation includes 360 degree camera data and REM maps that double check the environment with the vehicle's radar and lidar to enable true redundancy and show technical accuracy. But to take AVs out of the lab and put them on the road, the industry must come together to define a common safety model. That is why Mobileye has proposed an open and transparent model on what it means for an AV to drive safely, and we invite the industry to join in the collaboration.

At Mobileye, we're doing much more than developing next level automotive safety technology. We're helping save lives today and taking the industry closer to a safer and more scalable autonomous tomorrow.