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Automotive Innovation: Safety and Convenience Driven by Intel

From connected cars to autonomous driving—convenience and safety lead the way

The future of driving is being molded by technology, and Intel is using research, investments, and new products to help our partners shape the future driving experience.  Research projects include:

  • Advanced sensing technology
  • Increased safety and efficiency of transportation
  • The situational-aware car

Ford and Intel create Mobii*

Cars that recognize the driver

Ford and Intel are researching how drivers interact with technology in the car and how to make that interaction more intuitive and predictive. "Mobile Interior Imaging" (Mobii*) uses existing interior cameras and sensors to enable new applications such as driver authentication, and using your smart phone to remotely look inside your car.

Watch how Mobii works >

Car in the rain

Safer, smarter vehicles in every environment

Intel® RealSense™ technology with facial and gesture recognition, object detection and park assist with 360 degree surround view customizes your vehicle's safety and security features.

Watch how Intel RealSense makes your car smarter >

Start your engine touch screen

Personal vehicle experience

What if your car knew who was inside, what their tastes are, understood the conversations going on in the car, and then, perhaps, made recommendations based on that information?

Take a look at the experience >

Traffic warnings

Advancing security in the intelligent car

Research conducted by Intel and the University of Darmstadt is an important step forward in securing today’s increasingly intelligent car. Intel is committed to helping its automotive partners advance automobile safety and convenience.

New levels of vehicle security >

car traffic

Imagine a world without accidents

What if cars could share data with each other about their position and velocity and use predictive models to calculate the safest routes for everyone on the road?

If cars could talk >

Woman in car mirror

The future of car safety

Researchers at Intel Labs are paving the road to a crash-free future with cars that communicate with each other.

Easing the burden of driving >

More Information

Sensor Technologies

Intel Labs show how computer technologies can watch a driver’s eyes or measure their brain activity to understand how well they’re doing behind the wheel.

Watch the demo >

Intel and the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT starts with secure intelligence >