AI for Retail

With the use of AI, retailers can get to know their customers better. As AI workloads increase in size and complexity, more models are deployed at the edge. Intel's end-to-end portfolio of AI products makes insights available in real time to retailers.



AI is, really, a transformative technology for retail.

When a shopper walks into the store, there's an incredible amount of data that's being generated. Intel has actually made a lot of investment to make CPOs highly efficient for doing AI inference.

What AI can help is, actually, to track inventory inside the store, on the shelves, in the warehouse, and where it's being shipped to. With the use of AI, retailers can get to know their customers better.

So we're all accustomed to online shopping. If the efficiency and personalization of the online experience is brought into the store, that will be a winning AI strategy. For example, when a customer enters the store, the customer comes in, scans an app, and goes through the store, picks up the product he or she wants, puts it in their basket, and they just leave the store. And then, later on, they receive an itemized receipt on their app of the purchases they have made.

These AI models are just going to increase in size and complexity, meaning more and more models are going to be deployed at the edge. By placing the compute in the store and being able to do that analysis really, really quickly, is critical for introducing the latency of the AI inference.

Retailers can better understand what products the customer is interacting with, what areas the customer visits more, how many times they pick up a product, put it in their shopping cart, back on the shelf.

All that data can be harnessed to create better shopping experiences, to help with the store operations. They can use the systems that they already have to run some of these AI models.

To use that technology to make sure that the products I want are available to me when I want them and where I want them, and to make sure that my experience in the store, and also outside of the store, is seamless.