As an Intel® AI: In Production Program member, WonderStore is dedicated to Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, which accelerates CV models on Intel-based hardware. Because WonderStore creates specific CV models for specific customers, we need OpenVINO to be able to run many models smoothly, using affordable hardware. By leveraging a huge repository of publicly-available models for the CV developer community offered by the toolkit, WonderStore can provide in-store analytics and detailed shopper profiles: not just gender and age, but also which clothing and accessory brands they wear. " -- Reinier van Kleij, PhD., Partner, Business & Technology, CTO, WonderStore

"WonderStore uses Intel® DevCloud for the Edge to train models with data sets of over 30,000 pictures in half the time vs. on-premise servers. Intel® DevCloud for the Edge allows us to choose our hardware configuration to optimize training, enabling us to create vertical CV models for each customer's needs." -- Reinier van Kleij, CTO, WonderStore