The retail industry is in an incredible time of disruption—and opportunity. AI technologies are finding and correcting massive amounts of inventory distortion and internal loss, while making supply chains and product development incredibly efficient. They’re also analyzing vast data lakes of customer buying behavior to present us with personalized shopping experiences in real-time, both online and in-store.

AI for Retail

With the use of AI, retailers can get to know their customers better. As AI workloads increase in size and complexity, more models are deployed at the edge. Intel's end-to-end portfolio of AI products makes insights available in real time to retailers.


Retail Solutions with Intel® AI Technology

Give your retail business formidable tools to predict customer demand, increase sales, and optimize inventory with AI.

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AI and the Art of the Intelligent Upsell

With foot traffic declining, retailers need state-of-the-art technology to to wow in store shoppers.

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Bringing High Tech to High Fashion

Emerging designers are using technology to build their brands, connect with customers, and blaze new trails in high fashion.

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IoT Smart Retail Solutions from Intel

Accelerate the time to solution deployment and simplify the path to cost savings, new efficiencies, inventory accuracy, smarter marketing, and better customer experiences with an end-to-end solution based on Intel technology.

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Intel + JDA: Next-Gen Inventory Analytics

Intel and JDA partner to create the latest in sensor technology with next-gen analytics and pinpoint inventory insight for smarter merchandising that delights customers and delivers a profitable, personalized in-store experience.

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Intel + MemoMi: Digitalized Beauty Demonstrations for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus’s Intel-based MemoMi Memory Makeover records the makeup artist’s application process step-by-step and sends it to the customer’s phone.


Intel + Giada: Smart Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage embedded solution.

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Solutions from Intel AI Builders Partners

Market-Ready Retail Solutions

Find optimized and market-ready Retail partner solutions tailored to help support your AI deployment needs.

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Cross-Industry Solutions

Find AI solutions that support a wide variety of industries and include offerings such as data labeling, vision analytics, PDF mining and more.

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Retail Document Library

Read Solution Briefs and White Papers for Retail that help you develop and deploy AI solutions.

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More Retail Resources

Find more partner resources for Retail such as videos, blogs, podcasts and more.

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