Day 2: Wednesday June 5, 2019

2:15pm - 2:45pm

UnIntended consequences: The power of unintentional technology implementations

Naveen Rao

Bringing compute power into the palms of our hands has been one of the most powerful transitions in recent history. We can be anywhere in the world and stay connected to what’s really important in our lives. However, it has also brought with it some unintended consequences, like children losing social skills by having their faces buried in their phones. Artificial intelligence has the opportunity to make an even bigger positive impact on society. Naveen Rao, neuroscientist, corporate vice president and the head of Intel’s AI efforts, will discuss how to think about AI in a way that helps bring about the positive aspects of technology’s future, and try to avoid some of the pitfalls.

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3:30pm - 4:30pm

AI from Prototype to Production: Vertical Market Value

Jonathan Ballon

Over the past several years, AI has evolved from the realm of academia to cloud-based projects with massive amounts of data and unlimited resources. Today, the technology and economic value propositions once limited to hyper scale cloud environments are now available at the Edge to companies of any size, across every industry. In this session, Intel will focus not only on AI advances driven by the power of cloud computing, but on the emergence of distributed computing architectures that leverage inference out at the source of the data in the real world, including as hospitals, cities and factory floors.

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