The Artificial Intelligence Conference

Intel is a co-presenter of the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Conference, which expects an attendance of 500+ business/strategy and technical industry leaders. If you want to understand how AI will change the business landscape, or are working with deep learning or AI (or plan to be)—join us at the O'Reilly AI Conference.

Keynotes - Day 3

Wednesday October 16, 2019

Title Time Location Authors Abstract
The power of knowledge at scale 9:15am - 9:30am King’s Suite Alexis Crowell Helzer: Senior Director of AI Product Marketing The Industrial Revolution scaled output and productivity to new heights. The internet revolution did the same for access to information. Now, the AI revolution is poised to scale both machine and human knowledge. To generate that knowledge, Alexis Crowell Helzer explains, companies must think differently about three Ds: data, deployment, and demand.

Keynotes - Day 4

Thursday October 17, 2019

Title Time Location Authors Abstract
Accelerate with Purpose 9:45am - 10:00am King’s Suite Walter Riviera: AI Technical Solutions Specialist EMEA (UK Lead)

Today’s computing hardware has taken us well into the resurgence of AI; but with the demand for AI compute doubling nearly every three months, new ways of computing are required that can keep up and evolve. Walter Riviera from Intel discusses three key shifts in the AI landscape incredibly large models with billions of hyper parameters, massive clusters of compute nodes supporting AI, and the exploding volume of data meeting ever stricter latency requirements how to navigate them, and when to explore hardware acceleration.

What you’ll learn:

  • How and why the demands on AI compute are shifting
  • Ways that hardware architectures are being rethought to keep up with demand
  • When and how your organization should utilize hardware acceleration

Sessions - Day 3

Wednesday October 16, 2019

Title Time Location Authors Abstract
Trends to Watch: How Shifts in Data Structure and Volume Demand New Approaches to AI Compute 4:00pm - 4:40pm King’s Suite-Balmoral Alexis Crowell Helzer: Senior Director of AI Product Marketing

Demand for AI compute is doubling every three months. Why? Taking full advantage of data means using more of it, leading to larger, increasingly complex models with billions of hyperparameters requiring massive clusters of compute nodes, all while meeting ever-stricter latency and power requirements. The way we compute AI has to be completely rethought so it can evolve to enable the promise of global business transformation.

What you’ll learn:

  • How volume and complexity in data is shifting algorithmic development
  • Why current ways of computing are being rethought to keep up with these demands
  • A look at new AI chips that are being designed specifically for the next wave of AI

Sessions - Day 4

Thursday October 17, 2019

Title Time Location Authors Abstract
AI beyond the buzzword: do it well or do it twice! 4:00pm - 4:40pm Westminster Suite Walter Riviera: AI Technical Solutions Specialist EMEA (UK Lead)

Over the last four years, the amount of enterprises that have deployed AI has gone up from 10% to 37% [1]. As confidence in the technology continues to grow, decision-makers are accelerating adoption to stay ahead of the competition, innovate and grow businesses. But how fast is too fast when it comes to adopting AI? What are the priorities? Is there a point where the rush for deployment turns into a treat for development? And what are the ethical implications of this nascent tech?

As Machine Learning teaches us, these questions can be answered by looking at the past.

In this presentation, we go beyond the buzzwords and deep dive into practical implementations of AI. Whether it’s analyzing recruitment in education, predicting delays and traffic on complex railway networks, or figuring out why self-driving cars can’t see kangaroos, we look to the real-world for the five steps that characterize AI project engagement and share best practice procedures for deploying an AI leading solution domains.

Solves a real world problem utilizing the power of AI & IoT, including the complexity of new technologies and fragmented landscape of players, lack of hardened developer offerings for specific vertical market needs. To address these challenges and to help the developer community & partners unlock the full potential of AI at the edge, Intel launched its Intel® AI: In Production ecosystem, to help accelerate prototype to production at the edge with Intel & partner offerings, and to achieve scale through various ecosystem programs.

Visit Our Booth!

At the Intel booth, #107, you’ll discover how Intel is powering AI today across the broadest set of use cases, enabling AI everywhere. Join us for in-booth presentations, demonstrations, and the opportunity to connect with fellow industry experts and leaders.

  • VIT: Traffic Surveillance Micro PC and Multi-stream video inference server
  • Myrtle: Cloud based speech transcription
  • ABSA – Weakly supervised aspect based sentiment analysis
  • Datatonic – Optimizing machine learning inference on GCP and Intel for a product identification model built with Lush
  • Intel: Cortexica PPE Real-time Video solution
  • HLC : AI in Medical Imaging
  • Verbio: Voice Assistants for in-site and on-line engagement
  • Valtech: Real-time person tracker
  • Reasonate: Trains AI: running to time with AI

If you are interested in discovering AI careers that reshape business and society, be sure and stop by our booth and meet our recruiting team or visit the Intel AI careers page where you can explore different roles and join our talent network.

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[1] Newsroom Press Release