Day 1

Title Time Location Authors Abstract
Intel AI Coffee Break 12:50PM- 1:00PM San Jose, CA Banu Nagasundaram

In this session, Banu Nagasundaram will share how optimizing connections to win is like Candy Crush at work.

In AI, Human Goodness Matters: Afternoon Keynote 1:00PM- 1:30PM San Jose, CA Julie Shin Choi, VP & GM, AI Marketing / Intel AI

Julie Shin Choi, VP and GM of the AI Platforms and Research Marketing team, will share her personal journey and discuss driving AI relevance and understanding. Her mission is to help organizations obtain the hardware and software tools to build AI applications that can solve problems at massive scale.

Military Transition: Vets in Tech 3:30PM- 4:15PM San Jose, CA

Claudia Weber, Resilience Program Manager, IT Accessibility Office, Intel Corporation; 

Other panelists, Workday, Microsoft, Puppy Momma, and HomeLight

In this session, female vets will share their stories and experiences transitioning into the world of tech. With varied backgrounds, careers, roles, and branches, vets are hardly a monolith and their stories are as varied as they are similar. Join us as they share the challenges and upsides of their amazing journeys.

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