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When financial services and insurance companies can see patterns in dynamic data, they gain a substantial edge over the competition. Deep learning can turn massive sets of unstructured data into valuable intelligence to help predict risks, enhance automated trading, detect money laundering and spoofing, and protect against cybersecurity threats. As a result, companies can capture higher returns and lower their risk exposure. Learn how Intel® AI can unlock the potential of data.

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Market-Ready Financial Services (FSI) Solutions

Find optimized and market-ready Financial Services (FSI) partner solutions tailored to help support your AI deployment needs.

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Find AI solutions that support a wide variety of industries and include offerings such as data labeling, vision analytics, PDF mining, and more.

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Read Solution Briefs and White Papers for Financial Services (FSI) that help you develop and deploy AI solutions.

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Intel-Powered AI Helps Fight Fraud

Financial institutions process more information than ever before, but artificial intelligence can find hidden criminal activity in a sea of data.

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Agile, Data-First Financial Services

Today’s financial services organizations face the challenge of handling more volume, variety and velocity of data than ever – and the challenge grows daily as more pours in by the terabyte. The scale of all this data may seem overwhelming but the good news is that its potential business value is even greater. The key to success is in enabling a united view of all the data across the business...

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AI Optimizes Intel’s Business Processes: An Audit Case Study

Business focus is changing from data management to intelligent action. Artificial intelligence (AI) can add significant power and effectiveness to human processes by recognizing patterns across massive amounts of historical data. The Intel Inside® Program (IIP), a co-branding members-based marketing program designed to help consumers identify which products use Intel® technology, receives thousands of reimbursement claims per month. Intel’s Global Audit Team (GAT) selected claims to audit for non-compliance, but the sheer volume of data made it difficult for humans to see the patterns that help better predict non-compliance...

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Driving Transformation in the Financial Services Industry with the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Today’s Financial Services Industry (FSI) companies support thousands of transactions per second with seamless scalability for low-latency market trading, risk modeling, and real-time analytics. With IT spending projected to reach over $500B by 2020, FSI companies are actively positioning technology at the core of their strategies as they look to leverage the growth of processing power, data storage, and networking speeds...

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Helping Financial Services Institutions Control Financial Crimes Risk with Associative Memory AI

Total financial crime is at an all-time high. According to the UN, the estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is two to five percent of global GDP, or $800 billion to $2 trillion. In 2016 alone, approximately 15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud, resulting in $16 billion dollars in losses. Intel Saffron unleashes the next wave of artificial intelligence with associative memory. Intel Saffron simulates a human's natural ability to learn, remember, and reason in real time…

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The Innovate Finance Global Summit

Innovate Finance Global Summit has become a must-attend event in the world of FinTech. This year was no exception, and Breaking Banks teamed with the Innovate Finance Team to create an episode that brings you some of the important thinking that was presented at the conference. Brett took time away from his presentation and his judging the Pitch 360 event that Innovate Finance has started to highlight Fintech Startups and spoke with some of the main presenters of the conference. Dave Birch joins to host. Guests include Ruth Wandhofer, Global Head of Regulatory at Citi; Mike Blalock, General Manager of Intel FSI; Poppy Gustafsson, EMEA CEO of Darktrace; Will Beeson, CEO of Civilised Bank and host of ReBank Podcast; Paul Taylor, CEO of Thought Machine; and Kosta Peric from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Research and Applications of Anti-Financial Fraud Models Based on Sandwich-Structured Deep Learning Framework

The National Engineering Laboratory for E-commerce and E-payment*, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2013, is the first national engineering lab established by China UnionPay* in the financial industry. The aim is to build a domestically top-ranking and internationally renowned e-commerce and e-payment research base to strengthen technological breakthroughs and stay ahead in the e-commerce, e-money and e-payment technologies…

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