Qi She

Research Scientist, Intel Labs China

Research Scientist, Intel Labs China

Qi (Roger) She is a research scientist at Intel Labs, China focusing on statistical machine learning, deep learning with applications in robotic vision. He obtained his Ph.D. in machine learning and neural computation at the City University of Hong Kong. He used to be a fully-funded Visiting Student Research Collaborator (VSRC) at Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University. Currently, Inspired from brain computing, he is developing the lifelong/continual adaptation agent that can shape a cultivated understanding of the world from the current scene and their previous knowledge. As the 1st author, Qi has published many papers on top-tier machine learning, artificial intelligence, and signal processing conferences including UAI, AAAI, ICASSP, etc. Also, His research has appeared in more scientific journals/conferences such as Scientific Reports, and EMBC. Qi served as a reviewer for prestigious conferences and journals including IJCAI, AAAI, ICONIP, EMBC, PLOS one, etc.

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