Ai For Social Good

Intel is committed to advancing uses of AI that most positively impact our world. The hardware, software, and algorithms that we create and utilize on a daily basis can help identify children at risk of exploitation, improve medical diagnosis, and protect our natural resources. Intel is passionate about equalizing AI resources, capabilities, and services to benefit all.

We impact the world in two ways:

  • Support social good organizations with AI technologies and expertise to accelerate their positive work in the world.
  • Research and support efforts to ensure AI is more transparent, less biased, and more accessible to all.

History of social responsibility at Intel:


We only have one planet to live on, so it is imperative for us to protect it. AI can be used to monitor its current state, help us utilize our limited natural resources, and improve our living conditions for generations to come.

Social Impact

AI can significantly improve the lives of those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged by protecting them from predators, and ensuring they receive the resources they require.


The promise of AI in healthcare and life sciences is profound. It can help physicians and researchers prevent disease, speed recovery and save lives, by unlocking complex and varied data sets to develop new insights.

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