AccuHealth Delivers Better Patient Care While Reducing ER Visits and Lowering Costs to Insurers with Intel AI and IoT

Chronic health issues incur huge costs for individuals, their families, the institutions and systems that provide care and support, as well as society overall.

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AccuHealth Delivers Proactive, Home-Based Medical Care with Intel AI - Intel® Chip Chat episode 579

Dr. Xavier Urtubey, CEO and Co-Founder of AccuHealth, joins us to discuss artificial intelligence for home-based virtual medical care.


Improving Healthcare with Home-based Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

Ricardo is a 78-year-old man with hypertension and diabetes who lives in a rural home in central Chile. One year ago today, Ricardo was getting onto a bus for his weekly trip to the clinic for an exam.

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SOLVE: HEALTHCARE – Intel and Partners Demonstrate Real Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

When used together, the terms “healthcare” and “artificial intelligence” (AI) often conjure up images of “robot surgeons.”

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Take a Major Leap Forward

Intel Xeon Scalable processors have the compute and memory required to handle all major AI tasks – from classic methods to deep learning – alongside cloud and HPC workloads. Accuhealth relies on predictive AI powered by Intel® Xeon® processors to analyze biometric, demographic, and historical data and improve patient outcomes.


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