Intel® Threat Detection Technology

Protect your users from new and emerging threats with AI-powered security capabilities that help prevent ransomware, crypto mining, and even memory-scanning attacks before they happen. Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) offers cyberattack monitoring and increased security performance at the hardware level.

Combat Cryptojacking and Ransomware. Increase Performance.

Intel® TDT uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to help profile malware as it attempts to execute on the CPU microarchitecture and can even detect never-before-seen attacks. This high-fidelity hardware alert is relayed to security software for fast remediation on the PC and proactive protection across the fleet. The solution offloads compute-intensive security workloads such as accelerated memory scanning and AI from the CPU to the integrated Intel® GPU for an improved user experience.

Enable Security Software for CPU Threat Detection

With Intel® TDT, security vendors can augment and enhance the behavioral detectors in their security solutions with hardware-based sensors that profile malware as it executes on the CPU.

Intel® TDT leverages the integrated Intel GPU to offload the security agent from the CPU. Offloaded processes may include AI, accelerated memory scanning, or a performance-intensive security workload.