High Performance Graphics

Xe HPG microarchitecture is engineered from the ground-up to deliver breakthrough performance, efficiency, and scalability for gamers and creators.

With new Xe-cores featuring built-in XMX AI capabilities and advanced 3D acceleration hardware, Xe HPG microarchitecture is optimized for high performance gaming and elevates experiences across multiple platforms from mobile to desktop to cloud.

Rasterization Meets Ray Tracing

Rasterization and ray tracing are fundamental to real-time graphics and will power the future of gaming. Xe HPG GPUs integrate a full set of graphics acceleration hardware engineered to accelerate both rasterization and ray tracing workloads and is optimized for both DirectX® 12 Ultimate and Vulkan*.

This fixed function rendering includes geometry processing, rasterization, textures sampling, pixel processing and ray tracing.

The new ray tracing unit architecture provides full support for DirectX® Raytracing and Vulkan* RT, enabling true-to-life lightning and visual fidelity with acceleration for ray traversals, ray-box intersections, and ray-primitive intersections.