Intel® Silicon Photonics Exhibits at ECOC 2019

Intel’s Robert Blum highlights our products and live demonstrations at ECOC Exhibition held in Dublin, Germany.



This is ECOC TV with Robert Blum of Intel. Robert, we're here up to ECOC. You've got a lovely stand once again. What are some of the highlights of what you're showing this year?

Yeah, hi, Brian. Yeah, so we're showing a 12.8-terabit switch demonstration. We acquired a company called Barefoot Networks, so Barefoot Networks is now part of Intel. And so we're showing the 12.8-terabit switch demonstration together with our Intel silicon photonics. And we have 100-gig, 200-gig, and 400-gig transceivers in that switch running live traffic here.

What sort of demand and volumes are you expecting?

Yeah, so that's a good question. So we actually just said that on 100-gig, we're shipping at a run rate of about 2 million units per year. And we've shipped more than 2 million units total. So these are these PSM4 and predominantly CW4 transceivers.

And in the demo here, we also have 200-gig and 400-gig. And we see those ramping really to a pretty significant volume in the first half and throughout next year, first half of 2020, and throughout that year, yeah.

Now, we know Intel, you're always on the cutting edge of technology. And you chaired a panel on 3D sensing. What's your take on that market?

Yeah, so 3D sensing is obviously a really interesting market for the industry as a whole, right. And we're really excited about that. And as you know, we have silicon photonics, and that really gives us the ability to integrate a lot of functionality on one chip. So some of these more advanced and complex systems, in particular for LIDAR, for example, are of quite interest to us as well. But overall, I think it's a really exciting time for optics. And we've seen this here at the show, yeah.

OK, well, thank you very much for talking to us.

Thanks for stopping by, Brian. Thanks so much.