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Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) and OpenStack*-based Animbus* Cloud OS businesses can now build a next-generation data center and create a flexible, manageable, and economical open cloud solution.

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MegaRAC Solutions for Rack Scale Design are focused on enabling high efficiency for building, managing and improving cloud infrastructure in a software-defined data center. Learn how the advantages of a solution can help your business.

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MAAS* and Intel® RSD make dynamic composition of nodes from a pool of available hardware resources (e.g. disk space, memory, cores) a reality. See how to get started with composable hardware today.

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The Dell EMC* DSS 9000 with Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) makes rapid response to dynamic business needs actionable for telecommunications and cloud service providers using the same software defined data center techniques that industry titans employ.

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Ericsson has been at the forefront of deploying a globally distributed infrastructure and our joint efforts in pushing RSD forward will help organizations simplify resource management and dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

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GIGABYTE integrates Intel® RSD with GIGABYTE’s Server Management* (GSM) software to enable software-defined data centers. We provide complete GSM-RSD racks incorporating optimized rack servers, Racklution nodes, and storage drawers all of which maximize resource utilization by disaggregating compute, storage and networking, distributed within a rack or across multiple racks.

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H3 Platform Solutions for Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) are focused on a PCIe* Switch based resource pooling environment (e.g. NVMe*, FPGA, GPGPU). With the integrated solution, H3 delivers a real-time hardware composability of the right provisioning of PCIe* resources to meet your diverse application needs.

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InCloudRack* offers your business the power of converged infrastructure and flexible server modules all with the benefits of Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD).

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Inventec is committed to Intel® RSD and has designed a PCIe* Gen3 based Intel® RSD v2.1 rack namely ''inRSD'', comprising of dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based K888G4 servers, RMM, Ethernet switches, and a genuine PCIe* direct attached pooled IO system named ''Falconwitch''.

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Intel® RSD based solutions from QCT lets you choose the right system for your business. Choose between offerings designed for the highest compute density or optimal power efficiency and take advantage of each solution’s easy to service components and configuration.

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Supermicro RSD, a rack-scale total solution, empowers cloud service providers, telecoms, and Fortune 500 companies to build their own agile, efficient, software-defined data centers. Now your business can future-proof investment with the ability to pick and choose the best hardware building blocks whether existing or new disaggregated hardware to configure the racks that meet your specific workloads.

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Wiwynn is one of the first OEMs in the industry to deliver Intel® RSD with high performance NVMe* pooling. With the integrated solution and compliant IT equipment, you and your business can enjoy real-time resource management, agile node composition for required workloads, and optimized hardware utilization.

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