Making BMaaS More Efficient and Profitable

Enterprise cloud services adoption has skyrocketed in recent years, but some customers still have high expectations when putting performance-intensive workloads or those that must adhere to strict privacy requirements into a virtualized, multi-tenant cloud environment. For these types of workloads, Bare Metal as-a-Service (BMaaS), which offers a dedicated server environment with the same cloud agility, scalability and efficiency, is a good alternative. However, for Cloud and Communications Service Providers (SPs), provisioning BMaaS can be time consuming and resource intensive, which eats into profitability. A software-defined infrastructure (SDI) based on Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) enables SPs to quickly and efficiently deploy BMaaS. SPs can draw hardware from common pools without compromising security to enable automated deployment of compute, storage, and network resources in line with customer SLAs. By deploying an SDI based on Intel® RSD, SPs can benefit from improved operational efficiency and utilization, shorter time to market and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Ultimately this can make the delivery of BMaaS more profitable. Several vendors already offer Intel® RSD-based SDI solutions designed specifically for BMaaS delivery.