Intel Designs System Architecture for the Future

Intel optimizes the system from end-to-end while constantly striving to outdo current technology, designing system architecture that addresses the complex needs of the future and allows for endless possibilities.



A hard disk drive can't change the world. They're slow, power hungry, unreliable. But this Solid State Drive can. This is fast, efficient, predictable. With the right system architecture, the possibilities are endless. At Intel, we look at optimizing the system from end to end like a city. It's not the buildings or streets that give it life; it's what's inside.

We see data in infinite quantities, connecting hardware and software, feeding the internet of things. For a child born today, this is the stroller her parents order online. It's the medical records collected throughout her life that improve treatment in one day with a cure she needs. It's the ball safely holding her pictures, videos, memories-- information that will one day power a device which she anticipates her every need, mapping her journey through life, the financial model saving her from an economic collapse.

It's a responsive government transforming her world, bringing better hospitals, more efficient public transportation, and targeted social services. This is power. It's freedom. But Moore's law won't let us rest on our laurels. Whatever can be done can be outdone. Intel has been refining this technology for decades. It's time to find the answer to a question no one has even asked. We can always do better. And we will.