Protected Transaction Display

Transaction Authorization

Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)1 with Protected transaction display (PTD) can display information to the user and receive input from the user using a separate embedded processor. Information displayed (such as PIN pad or CAPTCHA) using PTD is designed to only be visible to a user physically present in front of the device. Therefore, meaningful user interaction with such information helps indicate user presence.

This powerful capability helps mitigate against malware such as screen scrapers, keystroke loggers, bots, and man-in-the-middle (MitM) or man-in-the-browser (MitB). Since PTD relies on device hardware, it enables stronger security compared to software-only solutions1. It also provides built-in ease-of-use and a cost advantage over external hardware and SMS-based solutions.

Besides PIN pad and CAPTCHAs, PTD can also be used for financial transaction verification or protection of images in remote document display usages, such as teleradiology.

Product and Performance Information


No computer system can provide absolute security. Requires an Intel® Identity Protection Technology-enabled system, including an enabled Intel® processor, enabled chipset, firmware, software, and Intel integrated graphics (in some cases) and participating website/service. Intel assumes no liability for lost or stolen data and/or systems or any resulting damages. Consult your system manufacturer and/or software vendor for more information.