A New Level of Built-in Pc Security

Intel® Hardware Shield, part of the Intel vPro® platform, provides built-in security features for the modern workforce.

Today’s employees are working from many different places, both private and public, often logging on outside the corporate firewall. This has created a new security paradigm—one that calls for greater platform protection. Intel® Hardware Shield, exclusive to the Intel vPro® platform, provides built-in security features that help organizations mitigate risks in this increasingly complex threat landscape.

Endpoint Security Decisions Start at the PC

Hackers are looking for new areas of the PC to attack, including the BIOS. Intel® Hardware Shield helps reduce the attack surface of the BIOS, working to prevent malicious software injection by locking down BIOS memory. The technology delivers ready-made protection to help defend against firmware attacks, including dynamic OS visibility into how the BIOS is using hardware.

Features for a Stronger Security Foundation

Intel® Hardware Shield is the cornerstone of a more secure PC fleet. It delivers built-in security features for increased platform protection. Intel® Hardware Shield helps ensure your OS runs on legitimate hardware and provides hardware-to-software security visibility, enabling the OS to enforce a more complete security policy—all with no additional IT infrastructure required.

Built for Business Innovation

Transform computing endpoints into strategic corporate assets by selecting devices built on the Intel vPro® platform.

Simplify Remote Management

Save time and reduce on-site support costs with remote discovery and recovery with Intel® Active Management Technology – even in cases of power loss or OS failure.

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PC Lifecycle Management with Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP)

Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) enables a predictable transition from one technology generation to the next.

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Intel® technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No product or component can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at intel.com.