Safeguard Identities and Data

There was a time when protecting your company’s valuable data was as simple as building a “wall” around your centralized enterprise. But that time is gone. Long gone. As the modern workplace continues to transform, the combination of highly mobile employees, proliferating devices, and a far more sophisticated level of threats mean that, what may have worked in the past, doesn’t work in the presen...t.

Today, protecting the enterprise begins with protecting the identity of your employees and continues with the powerful safeguarding of their PCs, even if an identity is stolen. Imagine if a virtual shield could be installed around every PC in the enterprise a shield with the potential to virtually eliminate the most prevalent and fastest growing forms of network breaches, a shield that goes beyond software, and is built, literally, into hardware, a shield that transforms every PC across the entire enterprise from part of its security problem, into part of its security solution by protecting both your employees' identities and your organizations most valuable data better than ever before. Because no enterprise is really secure unless it’s secure to the core.