Important Information About Laptop Security and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Termination

In an effort to help streamline our security offerings, Intel is winding down its Intel® Anti-Theft Technology business, including its Intel® Anti-Theft Service. Intel Anti-Theft Service will be terminated by the end of January 2015. If you are a current user of Intel® Anti-Theft Service and your subscription ends after this date, Intel will be contacting you with further information about your subscription. If you are a user of another company’s product that relies on Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, please contact the company directly to learn more about its plans.

For more information about the termination of Intel® Anti-Theft Service, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Security That’s Built In

Enjoy a more secure computing experience. Learn how your Intel® Core™ processor-based PC gives you more peace of mind when you start up your system and provides faster data encryption to keep your information safer without slowing you down.1

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Help protect your company assets with deep, multi-layered security that’s built into the hardware of Intel® processor-based devices.1

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