Build Your Real-Time Business

Boost agility and competitiveness with instant insights

Today’s most successful organizations operate in real-time. To beat the competition it’s not enough to simply be more innovative or provide better customer service: You need to be able to do these things faster, more efficiently and at a more granular level of detail. Achieving this means not only harnessing your vast data resources effectively – it also means being able to analyze them, derive insights and act on them in the blink of an eye.

Streaming Analytics for Real-Time Business

Having great insights about your business and your customers used to depend on knowing what they’d done before. Now, it’s about knowing what they’re doing right now, or even what they’re going to do next. Real-time streaming analytics solutions can help you gain this up-to-the-moment understanding.

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What Is Real-Time Analytics?

Capturing and analyzing data in real time requires new approaches to data management across the organization.

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Go Real-Time with In-Memory Computing

A key enabler of streaming analytics is in-memory computing: Storing data in system memory to accelerate data access.

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Get Started with Streaming Analytics

When carefully planned, real-time insights present great opportunities to companies in all industries.

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More Data, Less Time

When implementing streaming analytics, many organizations struggle to handle volumes of data that are constantly growing.

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Boost Customer Experience with Real-Time Insight

The pressure to gain and act on real-time insights is not just driven by internal business need. Customers themselves expect faster, more personalized, and more accurate service. If they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere. This means that understanding – even anticipating – your customers’ behavior, needs, and expectations is critical to long-term success.

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Make Better Decisions, Faster

Being able to capitalize on insights and make fast, sophisticated decisions is becoming a core competitive advantage.

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Ramp Up Your Analytics Capabilities

Proving the value of real-time analytics is an important first step, but the next is rolling it out across your organization.

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Find Your Next Use Case

Streaming analytics is an essential part of the data management toolkit. And we’re still just scratching the surface.

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Enable Innovation

With real-time analytics capabilities, you can enhance offerings and services, and drive large-scale innovation.

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Build a Platform For Real-Time Analytics

When implementing a real-time analytics solution, it’s important to include the capabilities that will keep your business running competitively for the long-term. Building in advanced techniques like machine learning now will help you keep pace with evolving business and customer demands.

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Technology Innovations Drive Deeper Insights

The SAP HANA* database platform and Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory can help optimize your infrastructure for analytics.

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Real-Time Analytics in Action at Intel

At Intel we apply the latest technologies to our own business. We used real-time analytics to transform our supply chain.

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Optimize for In-Memory Analytics

Achieve faster, more reliable real-time analytics with in-memory databases, and smart data tiering.

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Technologies & Solutions

A strong foundation supports successful data center transformation. Explore these essential technologies and solutions for a comprehensive advanced analytics solution.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

The latest generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor is workload-optimized to support compute-intensive data applications.

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Intel® Optane™ Technology

All-new premium class of memory that can change the ways we build and use computers.

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Intel® FPGAs

Boost data bandwidth and computational speed for Data Analytics applications.

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Intel® Select Solutions

Intel® Select Solutions for Advanced Analytics are hardware and software stacks optimized for performance and flexibility.

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