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Start getting more from your data today with advanced analytics.

As business models become more data-driven, the way in which you collate, manage and analyze your data is more important than ever. The insights it can provide through advanced analytics will be your most powerful tools in driving innovation, engaging customers and boosting efficiencies. They will equip you to compete – and succeed – in entirely new ways.

Five Steps To Delivering the Data-Driven Business

Understanding and effectively using data is key to success in every aspect of today’s business – from improving internal efficiencies to delivering stand-out customer service and experience. It’s therefore essential that your IT strategy involves a roadmap for advanced analytics. This white paper outlines steps you can take today to help you on the way to greater data insights through analytics.

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Build an Architecture

A priority when planning an advanced analytics roadmap is making sure the right infrastructure elements are in place to properly store and process your data. What database will you use, and how will you control access?

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Become an Algorithmic Business

Think about who is going to use and benefit most from the insights your analytics initiatives generate. Just as important as infrastructure is ensuring you have a way to get these insights to the right people at the right time.

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Prioritize Analytics Projects

Analytics is no longer the preserve of the IT department. Everyone wants to run an analytics project. So once your hardware and software are in place, how do you ensure you’re dedicating this valuable resource to the projects that will drive most business value?

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Prove the Concept

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to analytics – the data you use, the way you use it and the people that benefit from it will depend on your business and IT strategies and organizational priorities. Checking your planned model works before you roll it out is essential.

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Putting Analytics In the Driving Seat

As data volumes grow inside your business, it’s important to work with your IT department to create a roadmap for how you will turn this valuable asset into business insight and success. You can start this journey today by following some simple steps.

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Steps to Greatness

Analytics’ is not a one-off initiative. It’s a journey, which will evolve over time along with your business needs and IT capabilities. Knowing which type of analytics you need is an important first step in mapping your path.

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Respond to Data-Related Forces

For many businesses, the idea of becoming data-centric is a daunting one. It may seem like there are just too many hurdles to overcome. The good news is that being aware of the challenges is the first step in being able to solve them.

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Close the Loop

A critical element of any successful analytics project is smooth collaboration between the business and the IT team. As analytics technology becomes an enabler of digital business strategies, clear and ongoing communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Disrupt the Disruptors

The start-ups that continue to challenge many industries have the advantages of agility, technology focus and a lack of legacy thinking. What can established enterprises do to emulate some of these, and how can analytics help?

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Taming the Complex Analytics Data Landscape

Data could be your greatest asset. To realize its potential, it’s important to make sure you’re able to tame the complex analytics data landscape.

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From Data to Action

Learn best practices from hundreds of businesses, for building an analytics-friendly culture.

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Advanced Analytics

See how advanced analytics leveraged across industries is driving business transformation.

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