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As a startup company, you’ve set out to do things that have never been done before. That’s what Intel does, too. Intel has dedicated resources to help you take your artificial intelligence (AI) to the next level. 

Immerse yourself in artificial intelligence (AI) and create a bold new future. Intel offers an end-to-end AI solution, the resources to help you get started, and exciting real-world examples of how AI is taking shape. Build your business on Intel® architecture for an AI strategy to help you change the world.

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Technical Resources

Intel® Deep Learning SDK

The Intel® Deep Learning SDK is a free set of tools for data scientists and software developers to develop, train, and deploy deep learning solutions.

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Caffe Optimized for Intel® Architecture

Intel has contributed to an optimized fork dedicated to improving Caffe* performance when running on CPUs, in particular Intel® Xeon® servers.

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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Developer Access Program (DAP)

The Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor based Ninja Developer platform* provides an ideal energy-efficient platform for code developers.

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Additional Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy Resources

Artificial Intelligence is about to impact everyone in intriguing new ways. Position yourself or your company at the forefront of AI with Intel. Discover technology, tools, education, and resources to help you create a bold new future at the Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy.


Enhance your skill set with education, resources, meet-ups and events, and access to experts who are actively solving big problems with AI. Find tools, frameworks, and code samples to help you get started.

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Network and build relationships with businesses, schools, and other students through Intel collaboration and partnerships. Participate in ongoing projects and get hands-on learning from industry specialists.

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