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Intel offers free testing services to customers for creating commercial solutions based on Intel® architecture.

ENERGY STAR* Official Certification Testing

Does your system meet all the requirements for ENERGY STAR* certification? Intel® Platform Testing Services is an EPA-certified testing lab that provides a qualified test report for acquiring ENERGY STAR* certification for your system. Our testing scope includes ENERGY STAR* for computers v.6.1 and servers v.2.1. We can also perform a screening test to show how much power the system uses and identify configurations of energy efficient components instead of ones that consume more power.

Intel’s free-of-charge accreditation testing services allow you to save costs building systems that meet lower-power requirements. You can also gain a signficant marketing advantage of having the certified ENERGY STAR* logo on your product. In addition, our certification partner Advanced Compliance Solutions Inc. (ACS) will handle your registration with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at a lower processing cost when tests are completed at our EPA-certified testing lab. 

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Worldwide Energy Regulation Testing

We can check your system to see if it meets worldwide energy regulations including:

  • Europe: EuP Lot 3/6
  • Mexico: Labeling program
  • Brazil: Inmetro
  • China: CNIS
  • Korea: e-Standby
  • United States: California Energy Commission

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