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    Date: 9/20/2017

    Updated Sept. 20: A U.K. shopping site has leaked prices and configurations of the Surface Pro (2017) with LTE. See " Price and release date " below for more details.With the the Surface Pro (2017), Microsoft has rebooted its flagship Surface product, one...

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    Date: 9/11/2017

    Good: Nice design, Easy installation

    Bad: Price can be a bit steep

    It's been a while since we've last reviewed a wood cover from Toast. It wasn't until they announced that they were making one for the Microsoft Surface Pro that I just had to get my hands on the skin to see how it looks on my Surface Pro. Our Toast revie...

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    Date: 7/24/2017

    Good: silent without load, very good input devices for a convertible

    Bad: strong throttling of CPU and GPU under constant load, rare reboots

    Close, but not quite close enough. We were happy to learn that the Iris graphics card is awake and alert despite SoC-throttling. The Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) cannot be considered a "gamer" however, nor is it a full laptop replacement: Just like in the...

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    Date: 6/23/2017

    Good: Faster than before, with great battery life, Keyboards are still fantastic, Screen looks great, Incredibly light for an ultraportable

    Bad: More expensive than Surface Pro 4, since Pen is separate, Not many design improvements from SP4, Could use more ports

    The Surface Pro is the most refined Surface device yet. It retains everything we loved about the Surface Pro 4, while fixing the nagging battery life issue. But it's mostly an iterative update, without any major design leaps.HardwareThe Surface Pro doesn'...

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    Date: 6/15/2017

    Good: Real replacement for notebook and tablet, MicroSD card slot allows storage expansion, Display is bright and sharp, Body is thin (not significantly thicker than previous model), Truly high-end build with reliably manufactured end product

    Bad: Surface Pen should stick to side of tablet stronger*, Touchpad should be larger, LTE option should be standard (instead of coming later this year), Startup could be a bit snappier

    The Surface Pro Review we have here passes judgement on the Surface Pro released in June of 2017, as first outlined earlier this year. With the newest version of the Surface Pro, Microsoft made an equivalent to the iMac G4 by combining two important eleme...

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    Date: 6/15/2017

    Good: Full PC performance in a thin and light design, Silent or no fans and little to no heat, Battery life is finally good enough

    Bad: Limited ports with no USB Type-C, Still kind of awkward on a lap, Pen is no longer included, now costs $99 extra, Wow, this thing is getting expensive

    In Microsoft's relatively young hardware division, the Surface Pro has always stood for what the company believes is the future of personal computing. Originally billed as “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” it straddles the line between a traditio...

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    Date: 6/15/2017

    Good: Brilliant PixelSense display, Simple, elegant design, Improved Type Cover keyboard, Fantastic performance

    Bad: No USB-C, Surface Pen and Type Cover sold separately, Better, but still mediocre battery life

    With its fantastic PixelSense display, improved Type Cover, faster performance and even better battery life, the Surface Pro is still the king of detachable 2-in-1s...

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    Date: 6/15/2017

    Good: The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country comes standard with advanced safety systems, such as lane keeping assist, and connected dashboard electronics with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. All-wheel drive, an economical engine and practical interior sp...

    Bad: The V90 Cross Country doesn't give any control over its all-wheel-drive system, such as locking the torque split, and its drivetrain exhibits acceleration lag at speed. The infotainment system interface is not very intuitive

    Microsoft's flagship Surface Pro gets an extremely conservative update, but better battery life keeps it the gold standard of Windows hybrid PCs -- for now...

  • The Surface Pro lineup has always been one of the most powerful tablet class devices around. Microsoft is no longer marketing it as a tablet that can replace your laptop anymore though, and they've acknowledged that most of the customers who buy and use t...

  • Good: The new Type Covers are really excellent, The traditional Surface features—screen, build, kickstand—remain first class, Tilt support on the pen makes for a much more natural drawing experience

    Bad: Pen no longer included in the box, Configuration options remain inflexible, I have misgivings about the use of Alcantara, A solitary USB port does not offer much scope for connecting devices

    Every new Surface Pro has been the best Surface Pro yet. The new fifth-generation Surface Prounnumbered, Microsoft having dropped numeric suffixescontinues that trend. It is as good as or better than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, in every way.And ye...

  • The new Microsoft Surface Pro is available for preorder. Here's the rundown of new features, specs and prices.The world has finally gotten a glimpse of the new Surface Pro from Microsoft. The laptop (that's what they're calling it) is available for preord...

  • Good: Overall dimensions unchanged from Surface Pro 3 and 4, 13 hours claimed battery life, Improved Surface Pen and Type Cover, Wider range of motion on kickstand

    Bad: No USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, Still uncomfortable in lap use, Type Cover sold separately

    It's just called the Microsoft Surface Pro now, but the 2017 iteration continues to be the 2-in-1 detachable-hybrid tablet that other PC makers will strive to emulate. A processor bump, longer battery life, and new peripherals are the big improvements...

  • The Surface Pro, since its inception, was always an audacious concept: a tablet that could do everything you'd expect of a powerful laptop. But it wasn't until its third generation that it started catch on and achieve critical and commercial success. With...

  • Microsoft touts their Surface line of devices as the tablets that can replace your laptop. After several years and three previous generations, this statement is finally true. The Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that has most of the benefits of a laptop.The orig...

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    Date: 8/24/2016

    Good: Keyboard sold separately; only one USB port; makes concessions as a laptop and tablet.

    The Surface Pro 4 is the best Surface Pro yet, but it still makes small concessions as a laptop and tablet...

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    Date: 6/16/2016

    Good: Big sharp display, Improved Surface Pen

    Bad: Type Cover keyboard isn't included with the purchase, Average battery life

    Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 improves upon its predecessors in every way. Despite some flaws, it is basically the best (Windows) tablet available...

  • The Surface Pro 4’s 8-megapixel rear camera hasn’t done anything to change my opinion, but by tablet standards it’s fairly good. Shooting in regular light, images taken on the Pro 4 are sharp enough to share on social networks. Colours aren’t overtly vibrant or rich...

  • Tablets were the big thing a few years ago, purportedly soon to displace PCs. It didn't happen, and tablet sales have been dropping for several years. Except for one kind of tablet: the kind with a detachable keyboard, epitomized by Microsoft's Surface Pr...

  • Both Apple's and Microsoft's flagship tablet devices are large, powerful and elegant. But which is best for musicians?Last year both Apple and Microsoft introduced new products representing each company's vision for tablet computing. For Apple, it was the...

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    Date: 3/13/2016

    Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the Surface Pro 4 is its unique design. While the magnesium chassis offers an unmatched feel, it is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to scratches, nicks and scuffs. A quick Google search for protective covers...

  • When comparing the new iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4, a lot of people say that the iPad is a great tablet that works as a laptop and the Surface Pro 4 is a good laptop that works as a useful tablet. Are they right? We'll share our experiences using the M...

  • For Christmas 2014, I picked up a Surface Pro 3 for my boys They had been using hand me down laptops that had a battery life of about five minutes and a nasty habit of dropping the wireless connection randomly throughout the day Whether doing homework, c...

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    Date: 1/7/2016

    If you're looking for a flexible portable hybrid computer, one that is capable of replacing your notebook and iPad or Android tablet, the Surface Pro 4 Core M3 device is a perfectly adequate replacement. Sure, there may be some sacrifice here (such as swi...

  • A lot has already been said about the design and style of both the updated Surface Pro 4 and the new Surface Book. Let's start with the Surface Pro 4 as it sees the least dramatic changes from previous product.The Surface Pro 4 uses the same kickstand tab...

  • Microsoft didn't add a USB Type-C port and it didn't rethink its keyboard covers or overall design philosophy. People already liked the form factor. For this to be a hit, Microsoft needed to provide some reasonable internal improvements. Those improvement...

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    Date: 11/30/2015

    Good: Best hardware on the market, Best tablet display, too, Excellent Windows 10 performance, Surface Pen works and feels great

    Bad: Pricey, Should have USB TypeC, Expensive and necessary keyboard sold separately, Battery life not great

    While other tablets and notebooks offer more value, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is still worth its premium price as a better version of 2014's best Windows device...

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    Date: 11/20/2015

    Good: Versatile design, Powerful hardware, Stunning screen, Excellent software compatibility

    Bad: Type cover is an essential accessory, Heavy for handheld use, Convoluted interface, Expensive

    Looking back over last year's Surface Pro 3 review, it's startling how similarities can be drawn with our opinion of this year's model. Microsoft has clearly made strides in ironing out the wrinkles in the Pro formula, but there are still one or two aspec...

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    Date: 11/10/2015

    Good: Better screen, keyboard, and pen than Surface Pro 3, Bona fide 10-hour battery life, Better cooling means less-frequent fan noise

    Bad: Type Cover still costs extra, Other convertibles still make for better laptops

    The screen's better. So's the keyboard, and the pen. With the Pro 4, Microsoft's flagship tablet is now an unqualified win for those seeking both a powerful Win 10 slate and a serviceable laptop. (Just note: The keyboard still costs extra, and it's essen...

  • This year Microsoft not only gave us a new kind of 2-in-1 with the Surface Book , but it also launched an upgraded version of its classic 2-in-1. Join Gizmag as we review the terrific Surface Pro 4.If you've used a Surface Pro 3 , then the Pro 4 is going...

  • It was a frightening scene for Microsoft. At an important Surface event last year, there was an overwhelming display of Apple gadgets at its own event. It was like a bad dream, a harsh reality that was on full display. And for a moment, it looked as thoug...

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    Date: 10/21/2015

    Good: Dazzling screen and powerful audio make this an impressive platform for video content. Plenty of power packed into a subtwo pound chassis

    Bad: Some performance and utility hiccups. Floppy keyboard remains underwhelming

    The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 arrives three years to the day after the launch of the original Surface. Grinding through four major models in three years isn't exactly something to crow about, but give Redmond points for tenacity. Has it finally gotten the W...

  • A litany of modest improvements come together to make a computer that's more than the sum of its parts.Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 (read our full review) will go down as the watershed moment for the company's efforts to refocus on consumer hardware. It was...

  • Good: Impressively light and slim, Full-size USB 3.0 port connects plenty of gear, New Type Cover is best Surface keyboard by far

    Bad: Still not a real keyboard, Buggy, So-so battery life

    The Surface Pro 4 benefits greatly from a kick-ass new keyboard cover and the streamlined experience of Windows 10, but it's got some bugs, too...

  • Nobody knows what to make of the Microsoft Surface. Its neat looking, but kind of awkward. Great at certain things and oddly tantalizing, but whos it really for? Ack, fuck it. This latest hybrid iteration, the Surface Pro 4, is a refinement of sorts and...

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    Date: 10/1/2015

    Good: Bigger, higher resolution display than previous model, runs much cooler and quieter. Still one of the best 2-in-1s on the market among tablet-centric designs

    Bad: Too small for some, not your device if you primarily want a laptop's ergonomics. Limited ports, keyboard costs extra

    I've been something of a Surface Pro person since the original model, and I really came to appreciate the line with the launch of the bigger screen Surface Pro 3. It was by no means perfect--it could get hot and noisy when pushed (and sometimes noisy even...

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