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  • The Surface Book 2 is still one of the most unique device designs out there. The detachable display docks to a solid keyboard base, which offers a powerful GPU and plenty of battery. The extra capabilities add to a laptop that can be used in a lot of scen...

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    Date: 11/27/2017

    Good: Great keyboard and trackpad, Powerful machine with Nvidia graphics, Xbox Wireless support

    Bad: Display still wobbles when you touch it, Battery can drain under heavy GPU load, No Thunderbolt 3 support

    Editor's note, November 27th, 10:30AM ET: When we originally tested the Surface Book 2, we noticed extreme power drain issues. Microsoft replaced the power supply, and we haven't e xperienced the same issues with the replacement part. This review and sc...

  • AaAaAaAaAaWhen it comes to high-powered laptops, Apple's (AAPL) MacBook Pro is among the best. It's become the go-to device for professionals ranging from video editors to graphic designers on the go.And that doesn't sit well with Microsoft (MSFT). So to...

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    Date: 11/23/2017

    Good: Clean, innovative design, USB Type-C port, Brilliant display, Great stylus, Long battery life,

    Bad: Expensive, No Thunderbolt 3, Transfer speeds slightly below average

    Microsoft's Surface Book 2 puts the power of discrete graphics into the best detachable 2-in-1 design you can buy, but it doesn't come cheap...

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    Date: 11/17/2017

    Good: Hinge is stronger than before, Better CPU and graphics, 15-inch screen can fully compete with the MacBook Pro, Works well as a tablet

    Bad: Expensive if you need more storage, Doesn't come with Surface Pen

    The Surface Book 2 is exactly what we've wanted from a high-end Microsoft laptop. It's powerful, sturdy and its unique hinge doesn't come with any compromises. While there are cheaper Windows laptops out there with similar specs, the Surface Book 2 stands...

  • Powerhouse performance? Microsoft says the new Surface Book 2 combines the best of two worlds and is also the most powerful Surface device yet. The specs look promising thanks to the new Kaby Lake-R processor and Nvidia's Pascal GPU. We already have a tes...

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    Date: 11/16/2017

    Good: Excellent performance, Beautiful touchscreen display, Strong battery life, Microsoft's build-quality is incredible

    Bad: Not inexpensive, though competitive against Apple, Only one USB-C port, No Thunderbolt 3

    Look, I'm a realist. I know the PC vs Mac battle comes down to more than just specs: the Surface Book 2 runs Windows 10, and many macOS users are going to be reluctant to jump ship for that reason alone. All the same, I'm hoping this disparity in price an...

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    Date: 11/16/2017

    Good: The new Surface Book 2 adds a long list of worthy upgrades, from new CPUs and gamer-ready graphics cards to a bigger 15-inch version. Battery life and performance are both excellent

    Bad: The two-in-one design still feels awkward at times, and for some users, the detachable screen may be superfluous. The most interesting new components are only available in very expensive configurations

    The Surface Book 2 is a satisfying sequel, but like many sequels, it may be trying to broadly serve too many audiences...

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    Date: 11/16/2017

    Good: Top-notch, all-day battery life, Excellent performance, particularly in graphics, Stellar display, complete with additional visual modes

    Bad: Premium notebook, premium price, Underpowered Dock makes multi-monitor support problematic, USB-C without Thunderbolt is a mistake

    Microsoft adds to its "ultimate laptop," the Surface Book 2, by increasing the performance, battery life, and display size...

  • Good: The form factor is still exciting, It's hard to believe that the tablet is as thin and light as it is, Great performance, great battery life, Microsoft continues to nail the basics: keyboard, touchpad, screen are all very pleasant

    Bad: A system this powerful should be able to drive external 4K screens without issue, The underpowered charger is a very peculiar decision and will catch people out, The array of ports and connectors is limiting...

    Introduced a little over two years ago, Microsoft's Surface Book was the hybrid laptop that I had long hoped the company would build. Like the Surface Pro, it worked as a true standalone tablet, but it had the all-important stiff hinge, making it suitabl...

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