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    Date: 11/10/2017

    I really enjoyed the Lenovo Yoga 920 while I was using it. It's got a beautiful screen, a comfortable keyboard, and a slick design. I do wish that Lenovo incorporated some of the innovative features that you'll find in a ThinkPad Yoga, but still, I was ha...

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    Date: 11/6/2017

    Good: The Lenovo Yoga 920 improves on the company's premium two-in-one ultaportable by adding active pen support and Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, making a couple design refinements and throwing in an eighth-gen Intel Core i-series processor for better performance...

    Bad: Base configuration starts around $1,300 (£1,350, AU$2,000), the pen holder blocks its only full-size USB port as well as the power button when the pen is stowed and the overall design hasn't changed much. At 3 pounds (1.4 kg) it's weighty for its size...

    The Lenovo Yoga 920 gets a handful of improvements and added features including a pen-enabled display and eighth-gen Intel processors to make it one of the best premium two-in-ones you can find...

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    Date: 11/2/2017

    Good: appealing thin-and-light design, sturdy chassis and outstanding build quality, different modes add flexibility, blazingly fast SSD, Kaby Lake R offers great performance, outstanding battery life, useful active stylus, good input devices

    Bad: not exactly inexpensive, lacks a card reader or HDMI, noticeable throttling under load, display accuracy isn't great, subpar brightness distribution, watchband hinge isn't quite stiff enough, limited upgradeability

    Watchband-hinged 2-in-1. Lenovo's flagship consumer convertible with 13.9-inch screen now comes with Kaby Lake R hardware and a few other noteworthy updates. Our review takes a look how the Yoga 920 compares to other 2-in-1s as far as performance, battery...

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    Date: 10/30/2017

    Good: Great 4K Display, Solid Battery Life, Fast and Accurate Stylus, Great Performance, Very Good Glass Trackpad

    Bad: Fan Can Get Loud & Keyboard Deck Heats Up, Mushy, Squeaky Keyboard, If you're looking for a solid Windows 10 2-in-1 with a built-in keyboard, the Lenovo Yoga 920 (14") is the best device you can buy today

    For now, the Lenovo Yoga 920 (14″) is best Windows 10 2-in-1 without a removable keyboard that you can buy. Lenovo only compromised on the keyboard experience. And most users would rather have a very thin and light Windows 2-in-1 with a decent keyboard an...

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    Date: 10/20/2017

    Good: Eighth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU aces benchmarks, Stellar battery life, Sturdy build quality, Comfortable keyboard and touchpad

    Bad: Mini directional keys, Speaker placement sometimes results in muffled sound

    With a top-notch design and build, the Lenovo Yoga 920 is an excellent convertible laptop that delivers long battery life and speedy performance thanks to its 8th-generation Core i7 CPU...

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    Date: 10/20/2017

    Good: Sleek design, Epic battery life, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, Stylus pen included

    Bad: Shallow keyboard, External monitor requires Thunderbolt 3 adapter, No SD card slot

    With two Thunderbolt 3 ports and two more CPU cores, Lenovo's top consumer convertible becomes even more compelling. And how about that phenomenal battery life...

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    Date: 10/12/2017

    Good: Long battery life, Bright, colorful display, Attractive design, Far-field microphones, Included stylus

    Bad: Shallow keyboard

    With its stunning design, long battery life and powerful 8th Gen Core performance, the Yoga 920 is one of the best 2-in-1s you can buy...

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