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    Date: 4/19/2017

    Good: A simply gorgeous 4.5K touchscreen, Microsoft's optional Surface Dial significantly improves the experience, Eliminates separate drawing tablet by letting you ink on the display

    Bad: Placing all expansion ports on the rear of the base is inconvenient, Massive display reflects quite a bit of light, A premium experience with a premium price attached

    Microsoft's Surface Studio is an artist's workstation for digital content creation, featuring a massive touchscreen that conveniently pivots down into an easel mode. Inconvenient port placement and mediocre components may cause you to consider other optio...

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    Date: 4/6/2017

    Good: Arguably, the nicest-looking all-in-one desktop ever designed, Excellent beyond-4K screen, Integrated power supply means no brick to hide

    Bad: Expensive in every available configuration, Last-generation graphics, CPU mean you can't watch streaming 4K content or plug in a VR headset, No USB-Type C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, Surface Dial costs $99 extra, needs better traction

    The prettiest PC to land on our test bench, the Studio has a tilting screen and a pen that will appeal to digital artists with lots of cash or credit. The hardware is a step behind for the price, though, so waiting for an updated model might be smart. Re...

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    Date: 3/23/2017

    Good: Bi, beautiful displa, Hinge is easily adjustabl, Strong speaker, Comfortable stylus

    Bad: Expensiv, Ports are all on the back

    The Surface Studio is a premium desktop made with artists, engineers, architects and other creators in mind. It has a large, radiant display and an innovative hinge that makes this all-in-one the perfect digital substitute for a drafting table.You need a...

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    Date: 2/23/2017

    Good: As goodlooking a desktop as you'll find. Everything about this screen is excellentthe drawing, the moviewatching, everything. The superflexible hinge is basically magic

    Bad: You're paying a lot of money for middleoftheroad specs, with no way to upgrade. This isn't quite a gaming rig, and it should be. The Dial needs more to do before it's worth $100

    Not long after Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, he laid out his plan for the company. “We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows,” he said. Microsoft is competing against its decades-old reputation as the compa...

  • Good: Huge, gorgeous, immersive 4,500 x 3,000 display, Easily adjustable hinge, True color sRGB gives it an edge over Wacom Cintiq's wonky color settings

    Bad: Sensitive rear hinge needs a locking mechanism, Surface Dial is a clumsy peripheral, High price tag and Windows 10 are a hard sell for Mac loyalists

    Microsoft Surface StudioThe GoodHuge, gorgeous, immersive 4,500 x 3,000 display • Easily adjustable hinge • True color sRGB gives it an edge over Wacom Cintiq's wonky color settingsThe BadSensitive rear hinge needs a locking mechanism • Surface Dial is a...

  • Microsoft's Surface Studio is arguably the most exciting desktop to launch in a long time. The world has been moving to more portable devices for a while now, with notebook sales overtaking desktops and never looking back. There certainly is an appeal to...

  • With their all-new Surface Studio, Microsoft takes a stab at the artistic world that has always been dominated by Apple. This new all-in-one desktop has a serious set of specs. The Surface Studio is aimed at artists, illustrators, animators, photo editors...

  • Good: Oh god that screen is glorious, The hinge really does work well, DID I MENTION THE SCREEN

    Bad: Desktop size, workstation price, mobile performance, Putting all the ports on the back is an ergonomic disaster, Professional systems need to be able to scale and grow and adapt, Fan noise

    I didn't really know what to make of the Surface Studio when Microsoft first announced it.Before its New York event, I expected the company to announce an all-in-one. Rumors pointed toward something modular or upgradable. I thought Microsoft would attempt...

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    Date: 12/1/2016

    Good: Powerful for most creative tasks, Gorgeous display, Screen tilting function is genuinely useful, Responsive stylus, Dial has the potential to be very useful

    Bad: Limited to mobile graphics, Expensive for the hardware you get, No upgradeability

    The Surface Studio is exactly the sort of twist on desktops you'd expect from Microsoft. It's fast and sports a gorgeous screen, but most importantly its screen-bending gimmick is actually useful. Just be prepared to spend a lot for the privilege of o...

  • This fall brought us quite a few new devices, but none got the appreciation and hype of the Microsoft Surface Studio, at least from the PC area. It even overshadowed the latest MacBook Pros from Apple. This week, the Microsoft Surface Studio finally start...

  • Microsoft's Surface line has been on a roll for the past few years, with new devices like the Surface 3 family, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book being received to wide critical and commercial acclaim. With the new Surface Studio, Microsoft sets its sights o...

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    Date: 11/17/2016

    Good: Stunning display with 3:2 aspect ratio, Thin and handsome industrial design, Pen, touchscreen, and Dial support

    Bad: Old CPU and GPU, Can't use as a monitor, Dial needs more apps and a better base

    The last desktop PC I owned was a 2009 iMac. I now use a laptop every day for work, connected up to two monitors and a keyboard and mouse. Desktop computing hasn't really changed for nearly 40 years of boring beige or black PCs, but Microsoft's new Surfac...

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    Date: 11/17/2016

    Good: The Surface Studio has a fantastic 28-inch screen with excellent color, mounted on smooth hinges that fold down to an artist-friendly angle. The excellent Surface Pen stylus returns and the new Surface Dial shows promise. Every model has good-to-great ded...

    Bad: Surface Studio is extremely expensive, and doesn't include the flashy Dial accessory by default. It skips newer graphics chips that support VR hardware. Support for the Dial is limited right now, and even compatible programs don't always use it in a pract...

    Microsoft's ambitious love letter to creative professionals is the touchscreen iMac of your dreams -- albeit crazy expensive and running Windows...

  • While the MacBook Pro with its clever Touch Bar has dominated headlines over the past few weeks , but the most intriguing computer announced this fall has to be Microsoft's Surface Studio . Starting at an eye-popping $3,000, the Surface Studio is not for...

  • the Surface Studio is a fascinating and innovative piece of technology for creatives—and an attractive alternative to Apple products. The largest barrier to adoption for Microsoft Surface products will be getting creatives used to Mac OS to let go of th...

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