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    Date: 8/2/2012

    Good: Get that boutique look and feel without the nosebleed price.

    Bad: USB 3.0 passthrough cables? For real?

    WE USED TO SAY that iBuypower should really be named iStealpower, because we’ve never understood how the company can sell such well-configured systems for such low prices. With its new Erebus line, iBuypower is maintaining its low-price strategy while...

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    Date: 6/1/2011

    Good: Opulent water-cooling setup, Snazzy interior lights, Very fast for games and CPU-intensive tasks, Quiet, even when gaming

    Bad: Expensive for level of performance, Cramped boot SSDs, considering price, Weak warranty compared to other high-end gaming rigs, Complicated cooling setup makes upgrades more difficult, Very heavy

    The Erebus boasts exceedingly high-end performance, impressive water cooling, and intimidating looks. But at over $7,500 in our test configuration, it couldn't fully outpace another recent, much cheaper rig we reviewed—at least until we overclocked th...

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    Date: 5/18/2011

    Good: Smokin' performance, Significant and stable overclocking, No bloatware, Looks expensive

    Bad: Is expensive, A few odd design choices and inelegant solutions, Noisy

    Currently the king of the mountain in terms of performance, the iBuyPower Erebus delivers an ultra high-end gaming experience at a price to match. ...

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