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  • I've managed to get my hands on an Intel NUC6i7KYK "Skull Canyon" NUC featuring the Core i7 6770HQ Skylake CPU with Iris Pro Graphics 580. When paired with 32GB of RAM and a Samsung 950 PRO 500GB NVMe SSD, it makes for a very speedy, small form factor Lin...

  • What if you could have a desktop that easily slips into a messenger bag or purse? That's what Intel has been aiming for with its Next Unit of Computing (NUC) devices. Yes, it's a terrible name, but Intel's goal is admirable: to deliver powerful machines t...

  • Intel NUC6i7KYK Performance is impressive. Thanks to Intel Core i7-6770HQ with four cores at up to 3.5 GHz compact nettop can be compared not only with high-end laptops, but also powerful desktop PCs. For office productivity scenario is more than enough...

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    Date: 7/11/2016

    Good: Quadcore i76770HQ delivers snappy productivity performance in a 0.68L package. Solid connectivity options including Thunderbolt 3.0.

    Bad: Integrated graphics still only good for casual gaming and external GPUs will be limited to PCIe 3.0 x4 bandwidth. Pricier, hotter and louder than rival units.

    As much as we love our powerful gaming PCs at TechSpot, we also appreciate the little things, such as the recently reviewed MSI Cubi 2 Plus or Asrock DeskMini 110. Both of these systems have a small footprint, adhering to Intel's mini-STX standard and boa...

  • Good: easy access to 2x SODIMM slots and 2x M.2 slots, plenty of ports; USB Type-C + Thunderbolt, very fast CPU performance, NVMe or RAID options, small and compact, good build quality, DDR4 RAM, IR sensor

    Bad: very high core temperature when gaming or under extreme loads, not powerful enough for a dedicated gaming machine, loud fan noise when gaming, no internal 2.5-inch support

    With marketing words like "Mini PC. Full-sized performance" used for the Skull Canyon NUC, buyers might get the wrong idea about the system. Its CPU power is indeed very impressive and as powerful as gaming notebooks worth twice the price of the NUC. Its...

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    Date: 5/26/2016

    Good: Can perform content-creation tasks in a reasonable amount of time, Iris Pro Graphics 580 makes it possible to play fairly recent games at 1080p, Fairly quiet when idling, and tolerable under load, Comes equipped with a large spread of high-end hardware...

    Bad: Plastic-heavy design feels less sturdy than older NUCs

    If this Skull Canyon NUC is any indication of where Intel wants to push the form factor, mini-PC enthusiasts may have a golden future ahead. Even though I'd personally hesitate to categorize this system as a gaming machine, its performance is excellent ac...

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    Date: 5/26/2016

    Good: Top Intel integrated graphics solution in a slim chassis, Swappable "skull" and "plain" lids, Dual M.2 SSD slots, supporting NVMe-capable SSDs, Support for emerging external graphics boxes via Thunderbolt 3 port

    Bad: External Thunderbolt 3 graphics boxes not yet a market-proven concept

    The edgy look of "Skull Canyon"—Intel's killer new Core i7 NUC PC kit—hints at a first among these truly tiny PCs: graphics upgradable via Thunderbolt 3. It's the most forward-looking mini-PC ever. Read More…...

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    Date: 5/25/2016

    Good: Small But Mighty Performance, Stylish And Cool Skull Design Cues, Quiet, Lower Power, Decent 1080p Gaming At Medium Quality

    Bad: Pricey, HQ Game Settings Not Quite Attainable At 1080p For Many Titles

    Throughout all of our benchmarking and testing, we also monitored how much power our test systems consumed using a power meter. Our goal was to give you an idea as to how much power each configuration used while idling and while under a heavy workload. Pl...

  • Good: Nice, fast quad-core CPU and impressive integrated GPU, Not as small as a regular NUC, but will still fit just about anywhere, Two PCI Express and SATA-compatible M.2 slots provide for more fast storage (or RAID arrays), Different performance modes let yo...

    Bad: Fan gets loud under load

    Andrew CunninghamIntel's quad-core "Skull Canyon" NUC.Andrew CunninghamIntel's quad-core "Skull Canyon" NUC.Compared to the regular Skylake NUC, Skull Canyon is a little shorter and a lot longer.Andrew CunninghamThe port layout is similar, but Skull Canyo...

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    Date: 5/23/2016

    Good: Cool-looking portable desig, Freedom to add your own RA, storage and O, Strong CPU performanc, Can power multiple 4K displays

    Bad: Poor gaming performanc, Pricey with necessary part, Not for casual users

    The $650 Intel Skull Canyon NUC might seem like a gaming mini PC, but it's more of a dependable productivity desktop that can muster a few big games at low settings. Its blazing Core i7 processor performance and ability to power three 4K displays is very...

  • The Intel NUC6i7KYK ‘Skull Canyon' Mini PC kit is without a doubt the fastest NUC system ever developed. For years enthusiasts have begged Intel to put a more powerful quad-core processor in a NUC with more bells and whistles and that is exactly what they...

  • A Thunderbolt cable between two PCs is enough to create a Thunderbolt network Connecting the Thunderbolt ports on the two machines and allowing the PCs to talk to each other automatically creates a 10Gbps network adapter. For a setup with just two machin...

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