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Warranty replacement/RMA

How do I get a warranty replacement?

What warranty support am I eligible for?

Spare part(s) fulfillment terms

What information do I need to provide?

How do I identify my product for a warranty replacement?

How do I use the Online Warranty and Support Tool?

How do I package my product?

Can I have my product replaced with a different one?


How to interpret and fill out the return commercial invoice

What is the estimated shipping time?

When returning a faulty CPU, do I need to send the fan as well?

Where do I ship my product for a warranty replacement?

General questions

How do I register my Intel product?

What products are supported under the Intel warranty program?

What is physical damage?

What is the RMA number?

Do you replace engineering samples?

What is EOL or EOIS product?

How do I revise my warranty claim, cancel or revise a return, or report a problem or error when submitting a return or service ticket?

Why did I not get a confirmation email?

Why can I not access online warranty and support?

What is a wear-out indicator?

How do I order spare parts?

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Product Warranty

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