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Hotspot Settings for Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

The Hotspot setting allow you to setup Internet Connection Sharing to share Internet access with devices connected to your computer. You can also setup security settings that are used by devices accessing your Hotspot.

Use the Windows* Network and Sharing Center to control which resources are available to devices accessing your Hotspot. Resources can include files on your laptop and devices connected to your laptop such as a printer.

Note To change the Hotspot settings you must first turn the Hotspot off. Click on Hotspot under the Options menu to turn it off.  Intel® My WiFi Dashboard Lite does not support the Hotspot feature.

 How to set the Hotspot security settings
  1. Click Options > Preferences > Hotspot. 
    • Under Hotspot security settings, the Hotspot SSID initially shown is the machine name, preceded by DIRECT-PH-. You can only change the portion of the SSID name after DIRECT-PH- .
  2. To establish security, set the password that others will use to connect to your hotspot. This password is initially set to 12345678. You can use any combination of numbers, letters and special characters. The maximum password length is 63 characters long.
  3. Click Save.

How to setup Internet Connection Sharing

  1. Click Options > Preferences > Hotspot.
  2. Under Internet connection sharing, select check box Automatically share my Internet connection (whenever my device becomes a hotspot) to enable this feature.
  3. Click Save.
Note Internet connection sharing allows other connected devices to access the Internet through your computer. This is possible whenever your computer is a Hotspot.

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Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

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