Intel® My WiFi Dashboard
How to Chat with Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

Chat lets you have a text conversation with one or more people nearby.

Start a chat session:

  1. On the Nearby Devices or Favorite Devices tab, select the device or person you want to chat with and click Chat .
    Alternatively you can go to the What Can I Do Now? tab, and click Chat (instant message) . A list of devices is displayed. Select the device or person you want to chat with.
    Note If there are several devices and you do not see the intended device, use the scroll bar to find it.
    A chat invitation is sent to the person that you have selected to chat with. That person needs to accept the invitation to initiate the chat session.

  2. Enter your text and press Send. Text that is labeled Me is your text.
    Note Only the person who started the chat session can add or remove participants, but anyone can leave a chat session.
Invite someone else to Chat:
From the displayed list of devices, select the person to add and click the button. You can have up to eight chat participants, including yourself.

Remove a person from a Chat:
From the displayed list of participants, select the person to remove and click the button.

Leave or close the Chat session:

To leave the chat session, click the button in the corner of the chat window. Note that if you initiated the chat session, closing chat ends the chat session for all parties.

Adding emoticons
Add emoticons in your chat text by clicking on them.

Hide chat window
Click the down arrow to minimize the Chat window. This action does not quit the chat session; it is still present on the task carousel. Click the task on the carousel to restore the chat window.

Float the chat window
Click and drag the Chat window anywhere on the desktop. Right-click in the chat window to center it.

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Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

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