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How to Send Files with Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

The Send files option allows you to send one or more files to a recipient. However, folders cannot be sent.

How to send a file or files:

  1. On the Nearby Devices or Favorite Devices tab, select the device or person you want to send files to. Click Send Files .
    • Alternatively, click What Can I Do Now? tab, click Send Files. A list of devices is displayed. Select the device/person you want to send files to. If there are several devices and you do not see the intended device, use the scroll bar to find the device.

  2. The Send Files window opens. Use this window to navigate to the folder containing the files you want to send. Then select the desired files. Use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select more than one file. Each file selected is listed in the File name field.

  3. After you have selected the desired file(s), click Open.
    • An invitation to receive files is sent to the device or person you selected. The user at that computer needs to accept the invitation.
    • After the invitation is accepted, the files start to transfer between computers. The window shows progress. When the transfer completes, a message displays that the transfer completed. If the transfer ends unsuccessfully, an error message displays and the transfer terminates.


You can also drag and drop a file or group of files onto the device, using the Nearby Devices tab or the Favorite Devices tab.

This applies to:

Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

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Last Modified: 30-Aug-2012
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