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Intel® My WiFi Dashboard
Using Intel® My WiFi Dashboard Features

Intel® My WiFi Dashboard offers features that allow your wireless devices to connect and interact with each other.

Note Some Intel My WiFi Dashboard features are not supported in the Lite version.

Direct PC to PC chat

  • Allows you to chat directly with up to seven friends nearby.
  • Only the person who began the chat can invite others to join.
  • You can have multiple chat sessions open at the same time.

Starting and ending a chat session:

  1. On the Nearby Devices or Favorite Devices tab, select the person you want to chat with. Click and select Chat.
  2. A chat invitation is sent to the person you selected. That person has to click accept to join the session.
  3. When the Chat window opens, enter your text and then press Send. Text labeled Me is your text.
  4. To invite another person to the chat, click the + icon, and select the person to add. You can add up to seven friends.
  5. To remove a person from a chat, click - (icon). From the displayed list of participants, select the one to remove.
  6. To leave the chat session, click the button in the corner of the chat window.
Note When the person that initiated the chat session clicks the button, it ends the chat session for all participants.

Transfer files

  • This feature allows you to drag and drop multiple files.
  • Files can be transferred to one device at a time.
  • Received files are saved in C:\users\<username>\Downloads. This folder can be changed by the user.
Note You must select individual files within a folder. You cannot select and move a folder.
  • On the Nearby Devices or Favorite Devices tab, select the device or person you want to send files to. Click and select Send Files.
  • The Send files dialogue window opens. Navigate to the folder containing the files you want to send. Select the desired files. Use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select more than one file. Each file selected is listed in the File name field.
  • After you have selected the desired files, click Open. An invitation to receive files is sent to the device or person you selected. The user of the device has to click accept.

      After the invitation has been accepted, the operation begins, and the window shows progress. You receive a message when the operation completes. If the operation ends unsuccessfully, an error message displays and the operation terminates.

      Create a personal hotspot
      Turn your computer into a hotspot

      1. On the menu bar set Hotspot to on.
      2. The Hotspot settings tab appears showing the Hotspot SSID and the Hotspot password. Enter this information when accessing this hotspot from a computer or device.
      3. Click OK to close the Hotspot settings tab.

      Share your Internet connection
      Create a personal network to give other computers/devices access to the Internet via your computer

      1. Click Options > Preferences... > Hotspot.
      2. Under Internet connection sharing, click (check) Automatically share my Internet connection (whenever my device becomes a hotspot).
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      Intel® My WiFi Dashboard

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