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XircomŽ Wireless Ethernet Access Point (APWE1120)
How To Connect an Apple Airport Card To the XircomŽ Wireless Ethernet Access

To connect with an Apple* AirPort Card to the Xircom® Wireless Access Point (APWE) using WEP encryption, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the APWE and set the WEP Key (for detailed instruction on this, please user guide for the APWE).
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  2. On the Apple computer, open the client software for the Apple AirPort Card. Select "Other..." from the list of access points available.
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  3. You will be prompted for a name and password.
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    • For the name, enter the SSID you are using. For example, if the SSID of your wireless network is "Xircomnet", place "Xircomnet" in the name field of the Apple's client software as well.
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    • The password is derived from the 10 character HEX WEP Key set on the APWE. Start by placing a dollar sign ($) in front of the password. Next, enter the 10 character HEX code after the $. For example, if the WEP Key on the APWE is 11 11 11 FF FF, you would enter $111111FFFF as the password on the Apple AirPort. Without the $ sign, you will receive a wrong password error message.

This will allow you to connect with your Apple* AirPort to the APWE using WEP encryption.

This applies to:

XircomŽ Wireless Ethernet Access Point (APWE1120)

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Last Modified: 17-Jul-2014
Date Created: 12-Feb-2004
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