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XircomŽ Wireless Ethernet Access Point (APWE1120)
Failing to Obtain an IP Address From Certain DHCP Servers

This situation is known to exist with Linksys DSL/Cable Modem routers. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

Note These steps assume you have already successfully configured your router to use your DSL/Cable service and that the AP Manager software for the Xircom® Access Point has been installed on a host machine. If you haven't configured your router and installed the AP Manager software, please do so before continuing.

First, determine the current subnet and scope (i.e., IP address range) being serviced by DHCP. If it involves one of the Linksys products, it should work as follows:

  1. Open up a browser and enter the IP address of the Linksys Router (the default IP address is usually If the router can't be reached via the browser, then either the IP address is wrong or the browser settings may need to be changed (i.e., proxies will need to be disabled).
  2. A password prompt will appear. Enter the default values of no username (blank), with a password of admin. If this has been changed then you will need to know the proper values. Enter the password (and username if applicable).
  3. The opening panel will display the IP address, Domain Name, DNS values, etc. Normally this will already be configured.
  4. Click the DHCP tab at the top. On the DHCP page, verify that it's set to Enable. Note the Starting Address and Number of Users settings. For example, if the Starting Address = and the Number of Users = 50, then a range from to is defined.

If the same symptoms are occurring with something other than a Linksys router (or updated interface software is involved), then the interface may be different. You will need to consult the documentation for the device.

Next, set up the Xircom Wireless Ethernet Access Point (APWE) to use an address that is outside of the range serviced by DHCP:

  1. Start the Xircom AP manager:
    Start > Programs > AP > Manager > AP Manager
  2. From the File menu, select Build from Network. The Build From Network Wizard will start. Note the IP address and click Next. (If the IP subnet indicated here is different than that used for the router, then it will not work. But this is unlikely if the router has already been configured by this same host machine.)
  3. The AP Manager will search for an APWE, but will probably not locate one (if it does, click Next and then skip to Step 7). Click Add Manually.
  4. Enter the MAC address of the APWE. This can be found on the bottom label of the APWE. Then enter an IP address that is on the correct subnet but is outside the DHCP range noted above. For instance, if the example range was to, a choice of would work. Make sure this does not conflict with any other static IP addresses in use on the network. Click OK.
  5. The Wizard will rescan and should now find the APWE at the static address just entered. Click Next.
  6. Continue through the AP Manager menus to set the Network ID (SSID), Channel, WEP settings and other items as shown in the user's guide for the APWE.

This applies to:

XircomŽ Wireless Ethernet Access Point (APWE1120)

Solution ID: CS-009352
Last Modified: 17-Jul-2014
Date Created: 12-Feb-2004
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