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Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT)
Intel® My WiFi Technology is no longer available as a separate download

Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) is no longer a separate software download. It is automatically installed with Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, WiMAX).

A short history of Intel® My WiFi Technology

  • Originally was released as a separate software application.
  • Later the application was an option during the custom install of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software.
  • Currently Intel® MWT is automatically installed with the installation of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software.

The application allowed the user to connect multiple devices to the PC using Wi-Fi in what is known as a Personal Area Network (PAN) and connect those devices to the Internet using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

While Intel® MWT is currently installed with the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software, the MWT application that was used to manage device connections is no longer available. Intel has released the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard application to replace the Intel® MWT application.

If you have an older version of Intel® MWT installed we recommend you do the following:

This applies to:

Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT)

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