Tools and Utilities

Compatibility Tools
Tool Description Internet application
Intel® Product Information Find and compare Intel product specifications. Run
Product Comparison Charts Find product compatibility to meet your mobile, desktop, or data center needs.  
Selector Guide Motherboard and Barebones Selector Guide Run
Desktop Boards and Processors
Intel® Desktop Compatibility Tool Find compatible Intel® Processors and Intel® Desktop Boards. Also includes compatibility information on 3rd party desktop boards provided by the manufacturer. Run
Server Configurator Tool Select compatible components to design a complete server system. After configuring, the tool provides a parts list you can print or export to send to your Intel® Authorized Distributor. Run
Memory Configuration Checker Find optimal memory configurations for Intel® Xeon® Processor series platforms. Run
Identification Tools
Tool Description Internet application Desktop application
Intel® System Support Utility Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) is a standalone utility that performs a detailed scan and report of your computer system information and devices. Intel SSU produces an output file that can be saved, viewed, and shared by the user. n/a Download
Intel® System Identification Utility Know what computer components, operating system, and driver versions you have on your computer. Run n/a
Intel® Chipset Identification Utility Identify the Intel® chipset on your motherboard.   Download
Intel® Processor Identification Utility download for Windows* Identify characteristics of the processor inside your computer.   Download
Intel® Board ID Tool Know if an Intel® desktop board is installed on your computer. If an Intel desktop board is found, the tool identifies board model and version, BIOS version, and operating system.   Download
Network Adapter
Yottamark* Authentication Labels Yottamark* sticker is an authentication label that allows anyone to verify the authenticity of an Intel® Network Adapter. Run  
Network Connectivity
Network Connectivity ID Guide Provides you with a list of tools or how-to options to identify your wired Intel® Ethernet Adapter and driver.    
Wireless Networking
Wireless ID Guide Provides you with the best way to identify your driver.    
Update Tools
Tool Description Internet application Desktop application
Intel® Driver Update Utility Automatically detect and update drivers and software. Run  
Download Center Browse for drivers or software.    
Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility Automatically detect chipset component and find a driver download. Run Download
Network Adaptor
Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility Program the PCI option ROM on the flash memory of supported Intel® PCI and PCI Express*-based network adapters and update configurations.   Download
Solid State Drives
Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool Get the latest firmware.   Download
Diagnostic Tools
Tool Description Internet application Desktop application
Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Know what processor is in your computer and verify the processor operating frequency. The tool also tests specific processor features and performs a stress test on the processor.   32-bit Download

64-bit Download
Solid State Drives
Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox Access Intel® SSD management features and run diagnostic scans on an Intel Solid State Drive.   Download
Monitoring Tools
Tool Description Internet application Desktop application
Intel® Desktop Utilities Intel® Desktop Utilities provides you with the means to monitor system temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and hard drive health, view detailed system information, and test your system hardware for common errors. Intel Desktop Utilities will display and log alerts if system parameters deviate from optimal settings, to let users take preventative action.   Download
Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility The Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility helps you overclock (processor, memory, and system clocks) and monitor temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds.   Download
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