Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives
Data Recovery Options for the Intel® SSD 320 Series

The following companies are available to help you with data recovery for your Intel® Solid-State Drive 320. Intel does not reimburse for this service, and does not guarantee data recovery services. Contact the companies listed for pricing, services, and terms.

Note Once firmware has been updated, it cannot be rolled back to the previous version.

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.
400 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard
Novato, California, USA 94949-5650

Drive Savers Data Recovery website
Toll Free: 800.440.1904
Click here for International Calling Codes
Fax: 415.883.0780

Gillware Inc.
10 Terrace Court
Suite 103
Madison, WI 53718

Gillware website
Toll free: 877.624.7206

Ontrack* Data Recovery
Kroll Ontrack Inc.
9023 Columbine Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Ontrack Data Recovery website
Toll Free: 888.496.487

This applies to:

Intel® SSD 320 Series

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Last Modified: 23-Jun-2015
Date Created: 11-Jun-2013
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