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How to Check if TRIM is Enabled?

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How to check if TRIM is enabled?
For TRIM to function, both the solid-state drives and operating system must support TRIM and be enabled in the operating system.

Verify first that the Solid-State Drive supports Trim. This can be done by using Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox to view the solid-state drive attributes.

  1. Open the Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox
  2. Click on the Export Button.
  3. Save the .csv file and open it in an appropriate tool (e.g. Microsoft Office Excel*).
  4. Locate Word 169 and check the value for “Bit 0 - Data Set Management Supported”.

If the Hex Value is 1, the drive supports TRIM.

If the Hex Value is 0, the drive does not support TRIM1.

Note If the drive does not support TRIM check to see if a firmware update with this feature is available.

Check the operating system to check if TRIM is enabled.

1 The 34nm series Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD) drives with firmware “02G9” will show the Hex Value in 0 because this firmware version does not support TRIM.


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