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Common Questions About the Intel® Solid-State Drive Cache

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Does the Intel® SSD have a write cache?
Yes, however data caching is limited to the controller for enhanced performance.

Is the write cache enabled by default?
Yes, the cache is enabled by default.

Can we disable the write cache of SSD?
Note: It is recommended to leave write cache enabled, as it is the default.
If you choose to disable the write cache, go to Device Manager > right-click on the SSD and then Properties  > click on Policies tab > untick Enable write caching on the disk.

Can SSD cache save the data if the system is power off?
This cache depends on having a powered on system, therefore the data will be lost in case of power loss.

What is the capability of SSD cache?
The cache size is 256K.


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Intel® SSD X25-V Series

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