Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives
Do Intel® Solid-State Drives Need a Specific Driver?

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The Intel® Solid-State Drives do not require a driver. The firmware required for the SSD to operate was pre-programmed in the drive.

However, in order to use technologies such as NCQ or TRIM, we recommend you use the latest Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) driver version 9.6 or later: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver.

If you are using your Intel® Solid-State Drive in a notebook, desktop system, or with a third party branded motherboard, please contact the system manufacturer for additional information if needed.


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Intel® SSD 310 Series
Intel® SSD 320 Series
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Intel® SSD 335 Series
Intel® SSD 510 Series
Intel® SSD 530 Series
Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool
Intel® SSD Pro 2500 Series
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Intel® SSD X25-V Series

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