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Intel® Solid-State Drive X-25M 160 GB - Disk Full Error

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Intel® Solid-State Drive X-25M 160 GB shows disk is full, even when only the operating system, and a few programs are installed on the drive. Remaining capacity on the disk is still around 60 MB.


  1. Show all hidden/system files in OS.
  2. Check for file sizes greater than 3 GB, with file names like "--=={Intel_Trim_File_xx}==--.bin".
  3. Delete these files.

Files are generated when the Optimization Tool in the Intel® SSD Toolbox fails. As a workaround, deleting these files frees up the remaining capacity on the disk.


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This applies to:

Intel® SSD X25-M Series

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Last Modified: 04-Jun-2015
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