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How to Determine SSD Serial Number for Warranty Replacement

By going to the Warranty Checker, you can quickly determine what is the correct serial number to use when asking for an SSD replacement. Your serial number may be located in different physical locations depending on the type of SSD you have.

Warranty Checker is for checking your estimated warranty date. To actually request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA), please go to the Return Material Authorization page. You will also be asked for the SA number and the page will show you where that can be found.

If you are using a Windows* OS, you can use the Intel® SSD Toolbox to help identify your SSD serial number.

Q: The serial number on the SSD drive is different than the secure serial number on the retail box. What is the correct serial number to use when asking for an SSD replacement?

A: Please use the serial number indicated on the drive:

Case-enclosed solid-state drives

310 Series solid-state drive

Component assembly

All boxes: secure serial number

Common errors to avoid when recording your Intel product markings
Serial numbers include both upper-case letters and numbers. Customers sometimes mistake a number for a letter or vice versa.

Some of the most common errors are listed below in the chart.

When you cannot recognize your Intel product serial number, contact Intel customer support.

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