Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives
Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Which Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD) is right for me?

Are Intel® SSDs intended for use with laptops and desktops?

Do Intel® SSDs run Linux*?

Where can I find RMA or warranty information?

Are firmware updates available for Intel® SSDs?

Do Intel® SSDs need special driver support?


Should I defrag my Intel® Solid-State Drive,using Windows* Disk Defragmenter, or a similar program?

Where can I find more information on performance and benchmarks?

How do I clone or duplicate my HDD?

Does the Intel® SSD have a write cache?


Is the Intel® SSD a drop-in replacement for SATA hard disk drives?

Do Intel® SSDs support SATA II features?

Where can I find more information about Intel® Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drives?

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Operating System:

OS Independent

This applies to:

Intel® Data Migration Software
Intel® SSD 310 Series
Intel® SSD 320 Series
Intel® SSD 330 Series
Intel® SSD 335 Series
Intel® SSD 510 Series
Intel® SSD 530 Series
Intel® SSD 535 Series
Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series
Intel® SSD DC S3610 Series
Intel® SSD DC S3710 Series
Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool
Intel® SSD Toolbox
Intel® SSD X18-M Series
Intel® SSD X25-E Series
Intel® SSD X25-M Series
Intel® SSD X25-V Series

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